Concierge Medicine Personalized Membership Program
"The Way"

Alabama Heart and Vascular Medicine has restructured our traditional practice model to a team-based provider system.  While in the office for your appointments, you could be seen by any of our current providers including myself; Bradley Titus, MD; Jeremy Kelley, CRNP; Dana Hemstreet, CRNP; or Amy Moore, ACNPC-AG.  The goal of this team approach is to provide better, more comprehensive care with decreased wait times and increased appointment availability.

We are also offering a membership style program called “The Way.”  Our goal is to provide access to a highly personalized, comprehensive, and proactive approach to cardiovascular care for a small group of our patients.  A large benefit of this will be to allow patients the time they desire to discuss any of their cardiovascular needs, allow personalized teaching and improve communication. As we build a better relationship the goal is to address your health in a manner that has previously been very difficult, if not impossible, to do. (Please use this link to sign up to participate in the personalized care membership program.)
“The Way” is taken from John 14:6. Jesus states, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”  He is the only path to completeness and salvation.  While this is an individual journey for each of us, we want to apply this concept of a comprehensive and clear pathway to success to your individual healthcare plan.  The program will allow us to address some often-neglected areas in healthcare:

  • Same or next-business day appointments
  • Extended and/or more frequent healthcare encounters
  • Annual comprehensive cardiovascular exam
  • Extensive dietary, nutrition, and fitness assistance and coaching
  • Ongoing pharmaceutical assessment in consultation with personal pharmacist
  • Touch massage therapy
  • Metabolic/cardiac risk marker evaluation and consultation
  • Enhanced coordination of hospital care, referral coordination, and verbal as well as written communication with your primary care physician

Participation in the “The Way” is not required and is designed to be an enhancement to our current care model.  If you choose not to participate, our Alabama Heart and Vascular Medicine team of providers will continue to care for you under our new practice model.  If you do consider joining “The Way,” I look forward to sharing this new and exciting opportunity together.